Phil’s Ridiculously Wonderful Birthday Coming Right Up

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March 23, 2010

Phil’s (Ty Burrell) birthday’s up ahead for the Modern Family clans, and Claire (Julie Bowen) is pulling out all the stops this time (remember Valentine’s Day…not to mention their anniversary). Though this time, it is something a little bit more…advanced? Check out this latest scoop from Watch with Kristin (SPOILERS AHEAD):

Jeff in Minnesota: Anything ridiculously wonderful coming up on Modern Family?
Remember how Claire crashed and burned with Phil’s Valentine’s Day gift (ahem, free coupons for hugs, ahem)? Well, it’s time to pull out the bells and whistles for his birthday, and this time she’s determined to score him the latest in technology. We’re guessing this somehow goes awry. (Side note: Did I ever tell you how Julie Bowen told me she thought my husband was gay after running into him in the baby-food aisle at the supermarket? Story for another time, when my likes-to-dress-well-and-organize-his-shopping-cart-so-sue-him husband isn’t listening…Hee.)