Modern Family’s Next Big Trip Spoiled and Set for Season 3

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February 7, 2012

We knew Modern Family might be taking another trip following the success of Hawaii and the dude ranch, but who knew those bags packed in that one on-set photo were meant for, wait for it…Disney Land? As reported by TV Guide and confirmed by TV Line, the Family will be heading that way during the upcoming May sweeps episode:

“Disneyland, part of the ABC/Disney family, is being eyed as a shooting location for an episode to air during May sweeps. My spies also tell me the Dunphys may run in to a familiar face at the park… someone not seen in several months. Hint: Think dim-witted and musically inclined.”

How do you think Jay’s going to mesh with the “happiest place on earth”? What do you say that hint’s all about? Hit the comments and share your thoughts!