New Spoilers: Manny’s a Teenager, and Luke’s a Teacher

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November 5, 2010

I believe everybody will agree with me when I say the kids are one of the best parts about Modern Family, but Manny (Rico Rodriguez) and Luke (Nolan Gould) especially seem to get a lot of fan buzz. So you might find it handy that I found some scoop on the kid-going-on-30 and the kid-going-on…I’m not even sure what it is. Here’s what’s coming up for Manny and Luke:

  • Gloria wants to teach Manny how to ride a bike, but Jay doesn’t turn out to be as great a teacher as she thought he would be. So she takes Manny to Phil and Claire’s, but Phil’s busy, so Luke steps in to teach instead.
    Rodriguez says, “Jay (Ed O’Neill) teaches Manny how to ride a bike and Gloria (Sofia Vergara) decides she wants to learn to but it goes horribly between her and Jay. She needs a more motherly type of person so Luke is her guy!”
    Gould adds, “Luke is going to teach Gloria how to ride a bike! It is pretty cool. Jay tried but it doesn’t work because he is a bad teacher and gets too frustrated. So she goes over to my house looking for my dad to teach her but he is busy and can’t do it. I happen to be at the house and my play date cancels so I convince Gloria to let me teach her. He teaches in a very strange way. He’s got a technique where he forces her to learn with a water gun. I also use it on my sister Haley (Sarah Hyland). I’m trying to teach her how to do her homework.”
  • Manny turns…teenager! When Manny celebrates his 13th birthday, he tries to cram all the “kid things” he never did into one day before he loses his childhood years for good.
    “Manny was born an old man so he realizes that he never really did the normal kid stuff so he tries to do everything he was supposed to do in a couple of hours,” says Rodriguez. “For example…making a prank call. He has never done that before and he doesn’t do it well.”

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Source: Entertainment Weekly