Modern Family Season Finale: Physical Comedy for Cam

Modern Family Season Finale: Physical Comedy for Cam

As we've heard, this season's finale of Modern Family will center around Alex's middle school graduation (which basically means promotion to high school, which I'm sure big sis Haley's not so thrilled about). Although since the two have bonded recently over vandalizing the school, maybe it won't be so bad.

Back to the season finale. We will be treated to some comedy (of course), but of the Cam variety. Which by the way, is never bad:

“I have [a lot] of physical comedy in that episode,” Eric Stonestreet tells TVLine. “I fall into a pool and I walk into a sliding glass door. It’s an excellent episode.”

I'm a sucker for physical comedy done well. Especially when it involves walking into walls (or sliding glass doors). What other funnies do you predict the writers have in store for us in the season 2 finale? Hit the comments!

Source: TV Line