Modern Family Season 2 Spoilers: Manny Gets a Girlfriend

Modern Family Season 2 Spoilers: Manny Gets a Girlfriend

Aw...I can totally picture Manny trying to get on with his date, with Gloria in the middle, can't you? Heh. Check out these "Manny-fied" spoilers for season 2, from creators/executive producers, Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd:

  • "It mostly turns into a clash with Gloria," says Lloyd. "Because in the Colombian culture the bond between a mother and son is very intense, and it becomes a little bit of a competition between the girl and Gloria for Manny."
  • "He realizes that he's almost forgotten to live his childhood and he tries to figure out a way to pack it all in, because he's only got one year left before he's a teenager," says Lloyd.

Meanwhile Phil's trying to get Dylan. Remember this spoiler tidbit? --> "Hayley breaks up with Dylan but it's tougher on Phil than it is on Hayley so he continues seeing Dylan behind Hayley's back," teases Lloyd.

But wait, there's still more coming up for the Dunphy household. So much more:

  • "There's one [episode] where there's a chirping smoke alarm and he can't figure out which one is having the battery go wrong and it eventually drives him crazy, among other things," says Ty Burrell, who's currently shooting Episode 4. "This week's episode Phil's trying to help Jay [Ed O'Neill] fix a computer, which makes him so happy since Jay is basically the real man."
  • "The Dunphy kids walk in on their parents having sex," says Levitan. "Hey, it happens."

I can picture Luke walking in on them, but all of them? Can't wait to see that.

Source: TV Guide