Season 1 Episode 9 Fizbo

Modern Family Episode 9 "Fizbo": Hijinks & Sneak Peeks

Modern Family Episode 9 "Fizbo": Hijinks & Sneak Peeks

Tonight's new episode of Modern Family, "Fizbo" is right around the corner - but what about the...future? According to Ty Burrell, the final episode of the year is full of ch-ch-ch-changes:

Marcus in Miami: I love Phil and Claire on Modern Family. What hijinks are they up to?
Ty Burrell (Phil) just told us all about the final episode of this year, and it sounds as hilarious and heartwarming as all of the others. "The last episode was by [show runner] Steve Levitan, and it's about everybody's capacity for change. Jay's capacity to accept Mitch and Cam's relationship. Can Cam change and become more assertive? Claire is horrible with technology; can she learn to live in a technological world?"

But as for "Fizbo", ABC's released four other sneak peeks full of clowns, girls, and stuffing cakes. Oh, my.

Source: E! Online