Season 1 Episode 17 Truth Be Told

Modern Family Episode 17 "Truth Be Told": Casting Call Spoilers

Modern Family Episode 17 "Truth Be Told": Casting Call Spoilers

Ever secretly wanted more of a peek into Mitchell's life at the firm? Sure, by night we get to see him as the adorable daddy-partner combo that he is, but by day...? What really goes on during those working hours? What's his boss really like? Come on, surely you've wondered.

But by the character description below, said boss sounds a little scary. I can already predict a couple of things. Wink, wink. We'll have to see how right I am when the episode comes around on ABC. If anyone's interested in joining my pretend-psychic-party, feel free to share in the comments below what you think the episode might entail.

Here you are, casting call spoilers for episode 17 of Modern Family, "Truth Be Told".


[MITCHELL’S BOSS] Male, 50ish. Mitchell’s (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) boss at the law firm for which they work. He is a conservative, authoritative taskmaster who is controlled and doesn’t exhibit his true feelings...GUEST STAR

Source: SpoilerTV