Modern Family Episode 14 “Moon Landing”: 4 1/2 Sneak Peeks

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January 28, 2010

I bet you’re wondering, what the heck is “4 1/2″ sneak peeks? How can you have “half” of a sneak peek? A non-embeddable sneak peek.


So Jay and Cam get to spend some quality time in the locker room – but what that “quality time” entails…. Let’s just say Cam scares Jay in a whole new way.

“Well, I just always pictured you as a tighty whitey guy.”

“Do me a favor, the next time you picture me – leave the underwear out of it.”

Check out your “half a sneak peek” here of the next new Modern Family – episode 14, “Moon Landing” (airing Feb 3). Then see how those “cupcake/driving” spoilers from the other day are starting to piece together, with these four other sneak peeks.


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