Season 1 Episode 14 Moon Landing

Modern Family Episode 14 "Dog Story": Phil's in Trouble

Modern Family Episode 14 "Dog Story": Phil's in Trouble

Got some more casting side spoilers for you (be sure to check out more of the band kind here), this time with a scene including "the dog" and a new character, Ben.

Now we're dealing with the Dunphys for the episode, and Phil's in a bit of a pickle. Claire's back at home, and she's got him on the phone. She's also got him pegged. From what we can gather from the anxious phone call, Phil's reached a "new high", and it's only in an earlier briefing from Phil that we gain a little insight into just why he might be in trouble:


Yes, I should have told Claire about the dog. And I was going to. I was just waiting for her to be in the right mood. I kept suggesting a cocktail before dinner, but she never took the bait.


Actually, I did get one "right mood" a couple nights ago,  but I used it for something else.

Then we shift to Jay at the dentist, who's approached by a man in his mid-thirties - Ben Dugan. Turns out this Ben is no stranger to the Pritchetts:


Mr. Pritchett?

Jay looks up and sees Ben.


Ben. Ben Dugan. I went to high school with Mitch. We were in the drama club together.

Hm, Mitch's friend from high school...the possibilities with that are endless. Wonder what will come of Ben coming back into his life now?

Source: SpoilersGuide