Season 1 Episode 13 Fifteen Percent

Modern Family Episode 13 "Fifteen Percent": 3 Sneak Peeks

Modern Family Episode 13 "Fifteen Percent": 3 Sneak Peeks

Mitchell's gay-dar is never wrong. You gotta admit, when it's right, it's right. But is it really right? If you've read the official spoilers, you know that for tonight's new episode of Modern Family, we'll get to see Chazz Palminteri guest-star - as Shorty, Jay's (possibly gay?) buddy. Well, at least Mitch seems to think so.

In the Dunphy household, Claire's duking it out with Phil's new home theater system. This isn't her first war with technology either. She's had battles with Haley's laptop, cell phones, the air conditioner/heating system...and now it's with that darn remote. So what's Phil's tactic for devising a strategy for Claire's current battle? Using an analogy to the human body:

"Okay, imagine our home theater system is a human body. So then the receiver is the brain, the TV is the face...."

And Claire certainly knows what "part" Phil is (ooh!). Enjoy these three sneak peeks for tonight's new Modern Family, episode 13 "Fifteen Percent".


Source: TV OverMind