Season 1 Episode 12 Not in My House

Modern Family Episode 12 "Not In My House": 4 Sneak Peeks

Modern Family Episode 12 "Not In My House": 4 Sneak Peeks

NOTICE: It appears the episode of Modern Family titled, "Fifteen Percent" is actually episode 13 - and so is bumped to next week rather than this week. The episode airing tonight (episode 12) is titled, "Not In My House". Sorry for any confusion (I know it confused me).

Every once in a while, families have to show a little compassion. Like consoling the gardener, even if it involves (accidentally) giving up your bed. Or like refraining from having "the talk" with your son (think - you're the mom!). Or like stopping to think that maybe, that ugly piece of furniture/decor really does mean something to your spouse.

Check out these sneak-peek quotables:

"I don't know, he comes when we need him. He's like Batman but straight."

"It was hardly porn, it was a topless woman on a tractor. In Europe, they call that a cereal commercial."

"You know what else I think is ridiculous? That mountain of pillows on our bed. I feel like I'm on a loading dock just to get under the covers."

Catch these great sneak peeks for this week's new Modern Family, episode 12 "Not In My House". Then share your favorite quotables/moments-to-look-forward-to, in the comments.

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