Modern Family Breaks Ground: Literally

Modern Family Breaks Ground: Literally

Okay, so not really. But ABC's delightfully hi-larious freshman comedy series did manage to rack up some Emmy nominations (despite the Ed O'Neill overlook), and things do get shaken up a bit in this upcoming new season. Check out this "earthquake" spoiler tidbit:

One of the knee-shaking repercussions is that Mitchell and Cameron use the quake as an excuse to get out of a party, which backfires on them with the usual hilarious results. Also, "Jay decides he doesn't want to go to church that day, and Gloria sees it as a sign of God," reveals co-creator/executive producer Steve Levitan. "It's just a shaker that knocks things off shelves — no one is pinned under a dresser."

Don't stop there, there's more! Read the full article at TV Guide to find out more about not only the small quake but about the appearance of Mitch's ex-girlfriend. Wait, what?

And what else can we look forward to next season? Co-creator and executive producer Steve Levitan has something to say about that:

"The stories are very similar to the first season, but we just keep digging deeper and putting new characters together and searching for new dynamics. It's going to feel just like season one, but hopefully much better," Steve spills. Viewers will be welcomed back with the family experiencing an earthquake, and later on in the season, we'll be meeting Cameron's mother. Steve & Co. stayed mum on any other storylines, but they've already penned 14 (!) of the 24 episodes for next season, and shooting gets under way the first week of August.

There's more where that one came, too. You can find the full article over at E! Online's Watch with Kristin. Shooting for season 2 starts up again August 2 - what are all your hopes for the new fall season?