Matt Dillon Guest-Starring and…More DeDe Pritchett?

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December 21, 2010

Rounding up the Modern Family spoilers for you, and it includes Valentine’s Day…and a return from Claire’s mom! Check this out:

  • Think I mentioned a while back that Matt Dillon would be guest-starring in an upcoming episode, as Claire’s ex (we saw Phil’s last season, now we’re getting Claire’s). Except now we know the minor details: That the ex now has a “gal pal” and brings her along, which I’m sure will just irk the heck out of Claire. The real catch? It’s her mom, DeDe Pritchett! (Who we last saw in the episode, “The Incident”.)
  • A little Mitch/Cam spoiler, just in time for Valentine’s Day! To Cam’s dismay, Mitchell’s assistant tries to get involved in their marriage – but there’s more to the story than even Cam knows.

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