Modern Family Madness! Spoilers on the Season 3 Christmas Episode

Modern Family Madness! Spoilers on the Season 3 Christmas Episode

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The witty young man behind Luke Dunphy, Nolan Gould (who just celebrated his 13th birthday by the way, happy birthday, Nolan!) shared what this season's holiday episode would be like. And if it's anything like "Undeck the Halls" from season 1, you can bet it'll definitely bring some Christmas comedy cheer:

“It’s called ‘Express Christmas,’” he tells us. “The whole family can’t get together on the actual day of Christmas, so we’re going to do it on December 16. We’re rushing to get everything together when it’s blistering hot out and nobody knows what’s going on. It’s madness.”

Nolan also tells us that some characters we normally won't get to see interact much will have some scenes together, namely Luke and Gloria:

“There’s a lot of mixing and matching on this episode, and a lot of people working with people we don’t usually get to work with, so I’m working with Gloria and we’re going to have some confusion with words,” says Nolan. “She keeps saying ‘Look,’ but it sounds like ‘Luke’ so it’s going to go wrong.

This will be epic. Wanna know what else is epic? This little behind-the-scenes tidbit from the Thanksgiving episode coming up this November, "Punkin Chunkin'":

“We have an episode coming up called “Pumpkin Chunkin,” it’s our Thanksgiving episode, and we go pumpkin chunking It’s where you take a pumpkin and you put it in a slingshot and try to sling it as far as you can,” explains Nolan.

“But what was really scary was, we tried to do it, and it went flying and it hurdled back toward us, somehow. And me, Ty [Burrell], Eric [Stonestreet], Rico [Rodriguez] and Sofia [Vergara] — we were all sitting there as it came hurdling towards us, so we all ducked and it barely misses us and hits a chain-link fence and explodes. That was not intended.”

I'm with Nolan, would make the "scariest blooper reel ever".

Source: Wetpaint Entertainment