James Marsden to Play “Sexy Naked Dude”

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November 22, 2010

As Julie Bowen (Claire) revealed to E! Online, there’s an episode storyline coming up with James Marsden (Enchanted, X-Men) guest-starring. Here’s the scoop from Julie:

“He’s naked and he happens to be in a storyline with the gay gentlemen. Whatever else you want to take from that is up to you.”

Well okay then! Just in case you’re wondering (and I just know you’re wondering…), here’s the gist of the episode’s plot:

A “Matthew McConaughey-esque slacker guy” is the newest member of Cameron and Mitchell’s building, and he ends up joining them for some “jacuzzi time”. Uh-oh. I heard about this one. No reveals however, on the “twist” of the episode, but apparently it’s good.

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Image credit: Eric Stonetreet via Twitter