James Marsden to Play "Sexy Naked Dude"

James Marsden to Play "Sexy Naked Dude"

As Julie Bowen (Claire) revealed to E! Online, there's an episode storyline coming up with James Marsden (Enchanted, X-Men) guest-starring. Here's the scoop from Julie:

"He's naked and he happens to be in a storyline with the gay gentlemen. Whatever else you want to take from that is up to you."

Well okay then! Just in case you're wondering (and I just know you're wondering...), here's the gist of the episode's plot:

A "Matthew McConaughey-esque slacker guy" is the newest member of Cameron and Mitchell's building, and he ends up joining them for some "jacuzzi time". Uh-oh. I heard about this one. No reveals however, on the "twist" of the episode, but apparently it's good.

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Image credit: Eric Stonetreet via Twitter