Guest Star Spoilers: Bringing Home Kevin Bacon?

Guest Star Spoilers: Bringing Home Kevin Bacon?

So Modern Family didn't take home Best Musical/Comedy at the Golden Globes, but some of the cast is still excited for something. Word has it that another guest star could be coming our way, and it just might be Kevin Bacon. As Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell) told Kristin Dos Santos (Watch with Kristin) at the Golden Globes:

"Kevin Bacon just agreed to come on our show! I just met him and I said, 'Come on our show," and he said, 'I'm comin!' So I'm personally casting him as a guest star. We're going to have Judy Greer, Minnie Driver and then Kevin Bacon."

From that point on, the excitement just got contagious. At Kristin's mention of the possibility of Bacon guest-starring, Julie Bowen (Claire) threw her own two cents in, including Footloose and...a make-out scene? Listen to this:

"Are you kidding me?! There will have to be flashbacks to Claire's past. He can be her ex-boyfriend and we can make out. I want the flashback to where we really get hot and heavy and dance to Footloose. I remember the dance in the warehouse. I remember every minute of that movie."

With Judy Greer already set to play the role of Phil's (Ty Burrell) "old high school flame" (you'll never guess where he found her - Facebook), Julie thinks it's only fitting that Claire should get her fair share too:

"There may be a little bit of a smackdown. Definitely some physical comedy."

But Julie's not the only one with big ideas, as Jesse (Mitchell) shares one of his own:

"We should do a whole six degrees thing where we get to the last one and it's him. It's really Kevin Bacon."

Though ABC and Modern "boss" Steven Levitan have yet to make Kevin Bacon's appearance "official", you got to love the cast hyping it up.

Source: E! Online