Greg Kinnear to Play Phil's New Business Partner

Greg Kinnear to Play Phil's New Business Partner

With Phil deciding on a new business venture per Jay's advice in this Wednesday's new episode (because we all know the only decisions Phil can make on his own are related to alpacas), it looks like we'll be getting a storyline branching out from said plot line featured in "After the Fire".

Past Friends guest Greg Kinnear (Little Miss Sunshine, Last Song) is set to now guest on an upcoming Modern Family spring episode as a new business partner of Phil's:

Kinnear will play Tad — Phil Dunphy’s new business partner. Tad is described as a successful and athletic real estate broker, and Phil is extremely impressed by him. But Claire has quite the opposite impression of Tad (hmm, wonder why… )

More Dunphy drama? Bring it on! Especially with my fave Greg Kinnear in the middle of it. What insanity do you say we can expect from his episode?

Source: Entertainment Weekly / Image credit: Getty Images