Great Pumpkin Chunkin'! Modern Family Celebrates Thanksgiving

Great Pumpkin Chunkin'! Modern Family Celebrates Thanksgiving

Claire (Julie Bowen) mentioned Mitch and Cam's family Thanksgiving in last season's super-awesome Halloween episode, and now we get to live it! Modern Family will have a "Thanksgiving episode" in season 3, and executive producer and co-creator Christopher Lloyd promises it will be just as super-awesome:

“It winds up pitting all of the Pritchett family members against the non-Pritchetts — that would be Jay, Claire and Mitchell on one side and the spouses on the other side. Without giving too much away, the question is whether it’s conceivable to launch a pumpkin from one end of a football field to another using bungee cords.”

The game is called Pumpkin Chunkin', and Ty Burrell (Phil) elaborates, "It's something Cam used to do in his youth." Nolan Gould (Luke) explains further, “It’s when you take a pumpkin, attach a bungee cord and send it flying." Like I said, super-awesome.

You can read more Modern Family season 3 spoilers below:

  • The Thanksgiving episode will also feature guest star Josh Gad (Book of Mormon) as a former neighbor of the Dunphys who had an obsession with Phil (who doesn't?). No doubt this will pave the way for the Dunphys' new neighbor to be introduced (Andre, played by Kevin Hart).
  • Benjamin Bratt will be back as Manny's freewheeling birth dad, Javier. His return sets up the question of what lines can and can't both Jay and Javier cross with being a father figure to Manny - set against the backdrop of a racetrack.
  • Luke gets the idea in his head that he can run 30 miles per hour when he misreads a street sign stating how fast you're going (in a car).
    Phil gets freaked out when he comes up against his mortality - he runs out of his "lifetime" supply of razors and begins to question if there's some bigger reason behind it.
  • Claire ends up at a "crazy party" with one of Mitch and Cam's friends who they think is gay, and everything's fine - until Claire finds out he's really straight, that is.
  • Jay hates salsa dancing, so Gloria takes it upon herself to find a dance partner and calls up Cam. Cameron's happy to oblige of course, especially since Gloria is also an excellent salsa dancer. The only thing is, she just can't seem to help herself from singing along to the dance numbers.

Anyone up for a game of Pumpkin Chunkin' this Thanksgiving?

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