Golden Globe Nomination: This Calls For Some Spoilers!

Golden Globe Nomination: This Calls For Some Spoilers!

The reporters over at E! Online woke up before the sun this morning to get coverage on the 2010 Golden Globe Nominations, and it certainly was the year for freshmen TV series, and Modern Family is no exception - ABC's hit series took home a nomination for Best Comedy! Modern Family's ABC line-up buddy Cougar Town also racked up a nomination - Courtney Cox for Best Comedic Actress Performance, and Fox's Glee took a total of four nominations. Modern Family is up against stellar fellow comedy series: 30 Rock, Entourage, Glee, and The Office.

E! Online is also still busy with spoilers, as Watch with Kristin's Spoiler Chat update gives us the low-down on what's up with our Modern Families. Seems something's up with Manny again, although this time around, it doesn't have so much to do with girls as it does...:

"Our hero Manny is going to have something of an off-week when he accidentally on purpose (thanks to Jay) sees his first horror film and doesn't cope so well with the notion of homicidal maniacs."

Excuse me while I flashback to an episode of ABC's George Lopez. Okay, so maybe Jay's goal isn't exactly to get his kid to understand the reality of the world, but a scarred kid is a scarred kid. Though knowing "our hero Manny", he's sure to bounce back eventually.

Source: E! Online, The Aussielo Files / Entertainment Weekly