First Biting, Then Clapping, Now Talking? What Will Lily Do Next

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March 4, 2011

It’s a bit of an older spoiler that originally slipped past me, but it’s so integral to the whole show I feel I still have to mention it: Lily talking.

Well, nothing’s official yet, but it is something the writers are considering. Because you know, Lily can’t stay silent forever. But here’s the clincher, if they do – there’s a big possibility they might also have to consider replacing little Lily’s couple of young actresses (no way!). Unless of course they end up talking anytime soon. Which makes sense, but can you imagine anyone other than those cute little girls with amazing deadpan skills to play Lily? I didn’t think so.

Other than that one, there is something a little more recent to talk about. The show’s currently looking to cast a “young Carey Heart type” to play a go-kart racetrack cashier, who will make his appearance in the May sweeps episode. Any thoughts here? I mean besides vroom-vroom.

Source: TV Line