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Modern Family

Season 9 Episode 4

Sex, Lies & Kickball

Air Date: 10/18/2017

Jay’s best friend, Shorty, is back from Costa Rica and stays at the house so they can catch up and reconnect....

Season 9 Episode 3

Catch of the Day

Air Date: 10/11/2017

Phil’s convinced he is going to have a day of bad luck after failing to successfully complete his daily superstition....

Season 9 Episode 2

The Long Goodbye

Air Date: 10/04/2017

Phil and Claire realize that Alex may be more self-sufficient in college than they give her credit for when they drop in for a quick visit....

Season 9 Episode 1

Lake Life

Air Date: 09/27/2017

In the season premiere, Jay forces the family to take their family vacation on a houseboat on a lake in an effort to create memories that will last long after he’s gone....

Season 8 Episode 21

Alone Time

Air Date: 05/10/2017

Everyone deserves a little alone time now and then, so when Mitch and Jay separately seek out a much-needed retreat from the family and end up at the same resort, it becomes clear just how “related” they really are....

Season 8 Episode 20

All Things Being Equal

Air Date: 05/03/2017

Gloria, Claire, Haley, Alex, Lily, Luke and Manny are equally committed to showing their support for gender equality and the women’s movement in very different ways...

Season 8 Episode 19

Frank's Wedding

Air Date: 04/05/2017

Frank Dunphy’s Roaring 20s-themed wedding day is finally here, and to get into the spirit, Phil gets the Dunphy clan to show up in costume....

Season 8 Episode 18

Five Minutes

Air Date: 03/29/2017

So much can happen to the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan in five minutes! Mitch and Cam have five minutes to catch a new flight while fighting the effects of sleeping pills they took prematurely....

Season 8 Episode 17

Pig Moon Rising

Air Date: 03/15/2017

During a quick workout session in the garage, Mitchell accidentally knocks over an urn filled with the ashes of Cam’s beloved pet pig Lilly...

Season 8 Episode 16


Air Date: 03/08/2017

After choking at last year’s charity basketball game, Phil has been training all year to redeem himself....

Season 8 Episode 15

Finding Fizbo

Air Date: 03/01/2017

You can’t always be a clown....

Season 8 Episode 14

Heavy is the Head

Air Date: 02/22/2017

Despite their lofty hopes, Phil and Jay’s property investment might turn out to be a bust, forcing Phil to rethink his original dream....

Season 8 Episode 13

Do It Yourself

Air Date: 02/15/2017

Sometimes you can’t do it yourself....

Season 8 Episode 12

Do You Believe In Magic

Air Date: 02/08/2017

Fearful that the romance between him and Claire is fizzling, Phil calls upon his altar ego, Clive Bixby, get Valentines day back on track....

Season 8 Episode 11

Sarge & Pea

Air Date: 01/11/2017

Cam is incensed that an anonymous and rude parent robbed him of a precious Lily moment during her recent dance recital....

Season 8 Episode 10

Ringmaster Keifth

Air Date: 01/04/2017

Trying to recover from his Thanksgiving debacle, Cam decides to treat the family to a New Year’s Day feast....

Season 8 Episode 9

Snow Ball

Air Date: 12/14/2016

When Manny and Luke put on the school’s lavish winter dance and end up over their heads due to a texting error, it is up to them to fix it before the end of the night....

Season 8 Episode 8

The Alliance

Air Date: 11/30/2016

Hayley’s plan for a fun-filled girl’s day with Rainer Shine’s teen daughter may be a little more angst-filled than expected....

Season 8 Episode 7

Thanksgiving Jamboree

Air Date: 11/16/2016

It's going to be a Thanksgiving jamboree at the Pritchett-Tucker home this year, and Cameron has spared no expense....

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