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Modern Family

Season 10 Episode 10

Stuck in a Moment

Air Date: 12/12/2018

Hayley wants to give the family a Christmas gift they will never forget if she can just figure out the perfect time....

Season 10 Episode 9

Putting Down Roots

Air Date: 12/05/2018

Dede’s husband, Jerry, comes to town to bequeath her possessions to the family....

Season 10 Episode 8

Kids These Days

Air Date: 11/28/2018

Haley needs a little motherly advice from Claire as she considers her future with Dylan and her career....

Season 10 Episode 7

Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Air Date: 11/07/2018

When Cam forgets the words to his favorite country song, he blames Mitch and decides he needs to reconnect with his roots and get a chicken....

Season 10 Episode 6

On the Same Paige

Air Date: 10/31/2018

Phil learns that his real estate class will be cancelled if any additional students drop it....

Season 10 Episode 5

Good Grief

Air Date: 10/24/2018

It’s another epic Halloween full of costumes, tricks and treats for the Dunphy-Pritchett-Tucker clan as they deal with huge, unexpected news....

Season 10 Episode 4

Torn Between Two Lovers

Air Date: 10/17/2018

Haley can’t seem to choose between her past and present relationships and is forced to make a decision....

Season 10 Episode 3

A Sketchy Area

Air Date: 10/10/2018

Phil stumbles into an exciting new career after dropping by Luke's college...

Season 10 Episode 2

Kiss and Tell

Air Date: 10/03/2018

Haley needs a little help deciding whether or not to tell Arvin about her kiss with Dylan and goes to Mitch and Cam for their advice....

Season 10 Episode 1

I Love a Parade

Air Date: 09/26/2018

The Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan are going to be setting off more than a few fireworks when they get together at the annual Fourth of July parade where Jay will be acting as the grand marshal....

Season 9 Episode 22

Clash of Swords (Season Finale)

Air Date: 05/16/2018

Mitchell sneaks out to “Hero-Con” with fanboy Phil, dressed as their favorite characters from the show “Clash of Swords.” It’s great until Phil commits the ultimate fan faux pas....

Season 9 Episode 21

The Escape

Air Date: 05/09/2018

Haley meets Arvin’s parents but when things don’t go as planned, fate leads to an unexpected reunion with all of her ex-boyfriends....

Season 9 Episode 20


Air Date: 05/02/2018

When Dede drops in unexpectedly, Mitchell and Cam come to a realization about her effect on their lives...

Season 9 Episode 19

CHiPs and Salsa

Air Date: 04/11/2018

When Haley hears that her loopy boss is looking for a product with the magical properties of peppers, she tries to gain favor by convincing Gloria to sell her salsa to NERP...

Season 9 Episode 18

Daddy Issues

Air Date: 04/04/2018

When Gloria’s ex-boyfriend Jorge stops by for a visit, his striking resemblance to Manny makes Jay question if he might be Manny’s real dad...

Season 9 Episode 17

Royal Visit

Air Date: 03/28/2018

Haley's brilliant astrophysicist boyfriend comes to meet the family, setting Claire and Phil off in a competition about which one of them is smarter, making Alex feel self-conscious about her dim but handsome firefighter boyfriend, Bill...

Season 9 Episode 16

Wine Weekend

Air Date: 03/21/2018

The family goes on a wine tasting trip and stays in Haley's new boss' country house where the only rule is: Don't touch the tiara!...

Season 9 Episode 15

Spanks for the Memories

Air Date: 03/07/2018

When Jay overhears Gloria on the phone talking about spanking, he assumes she is frustrated in the bedroom....

Season 9 Episode 14

Written in the Stars

Air Date: 02/28/2018

Phil thinks that Gloria is upset at Jay for dropping the ball on Valentine's Day, so he convinces Jay to spice things up with a little role playing that doesn't go off as planned....

Season 9 Episode 13

In Your Head

Air Date: 01/17/2018

When Luke goes missing after a night out in a sketchy neighborhood, Manny, Phil and Gloria team up to track him down....

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