Season 1 Episode 19 Game Changer

Modern Family Episode 19 "Airport": Casting Side Spoilers

Modern Family Episode 19 "Airport": Casting Side Spoilers

[JEFF] Male, 19, preppy, clean-cut and cute. Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Alex (Ariel Winter) see Jeff at the airport and think he's perfect...One line.

- Episode 19 "Airport" Casting Call via SpoilerTV

Got a big spoiler for you guys - one hinted at by Eric Stonestreet (Cameron) a few posts ago. Remember the "Hawaii" hinting? Yep, that's right, the whole Modern Fam-damily is heading to Hawaii for a little vacation time. Some spoilers flying your way for episode 19 of Modern Family, "Airport", via some casting side spoilers.


Though, for one reason or another, some members of the crew aren't quite as psyched about the trip as others. It's split a little bit like this:


Haley - Why? Cute guy named Jeff at Gate o'clock.


Well, I had to do a lot of flirting with the gate attendant, but I got my seat switched.

She shows Alex her boarding pass.


The middle of the back row? That's the most uncomfortable seat on the plane.


I know, but for five hours, I'll be sitting next to my future husband.


You sound pretty sure.


It's fate. God has a plan.

We hear over the PA system:


Attention, passengers. The flight to Maui is overbooked. We're looking for a volunteer to give up their seat in exchange for a first-class ticket on a later flight.

Jeff raises his hand.



I'll do it.

He crosses to the gate while Haley watches in stunned silence.


But we were going to get married. God's plan...

Gloria - Why? Because....


And we'll go to luaus, swim with the Miami dolphins, take a tour in one of those --

She makes a helicopter sound.



Phil - Why? Because he's Phil.

Phil finishes checking his bags with a skycap. His car is parked at the curb.


Thanks, Daryl. I know I got a lot of baggage, but don't worry, I'm seeing a therapist. Just kidding, I'm fine.

A CAB PULLS UP.  Mitchell and Cameron step out. Cameron wears a Hawaiian shirt and brand new hiking shoes.


Oh, Daryl, I know these guys. Can I borrow your hat? It'll be hilarious.

(off Daryl)

No? Okay.


Jay - Why? Vacation time doesn't sound so much like relaxation time.


I don't like activities. I wanted to hang out with Gloria and read my Robert Ludlum novels. I mean, I love my family. I love them at dinners, I love them at barbecues, but do I have to love them in Hawaii?

Claire - Why? Planes are scary.


You know, statistically, flying's the safest way to travel.


Yeah, well, statistics aren't flying the planes. You know who is? Bitter, underpaid pilots who are so overworked they can't tell a runway from a hole in the ground - - which is what they turn it into.

Claire notices a PILOT at the bar.


(to Pilot)

Sorry, just a little stressed.


And what are you doing in a bar?

Then there's Mitch and Cam: Cameron trying to squeeze in a Lily-playdate with Jasper before they ever squeeze out the door...but practical Mitchell is another story.

Cameron reaches into the bag Mitchell has been packing and removes a Lily outfit.


What are you doing? I just packed that.


But she's so cute in it and I want her looking her best for Jasper.


Nothing you just said made any sense to me.


Jasper and his mom are coming over for a playdate. We scheduled it weeks ago.


We're about to go to the airport.


Not for another hour. This is the only time Jasper could do it.


How full is Jasper's calendar?


This is a coup. When you get in with Jasper, doors open. He's a legacy at Happy Time Preschool. His parents have a beach house they never use.

Looking forward to some Modern Family vacationing in Hawaii? Tell us in the comments if you're psyched!

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