Season 1 Episode 14 Moon Landing

Modern Family Episode 14 "Dog Story": Dylan's Band

Modern Family Episode 14 "Dog Story": Dylan's Band

In case you missed it, a couple days ago we dug up casting call spoilers for episode 14 of Modern Family, "Dog Story", and now via casting sides, we've revealed a little bit more of the episode storyline, and we get a little dialogue personality from Dylan's band-mate Craig - an eighteen-year-old guitarist of ethnic diversity:

In this scene, we get more of a glimpse into the band life of Haley's senior boyfriend, Dylan. While in previous episodes his relationship with Haley has been the subject of the storyline, this time he's interacting with Mitchell and Cameron. When the two partners suddenly decide that it's not worth the costs for Cameron to keep his job (due to numerous Rolo incidents), Mitchell designates the duty of daily Lily-sitting to him. Because of course somebody has to stay home with her, and we know it won't be the lawyer of the family.

Which brings us back to Dylan's Mitchell and Cameron's duplex. Dylan is there with his bass player Neil and guitarist Craig, and after small chat with Neil and listening to Dylan and Craig discuss Dylan's freaky toe, Cameron turns to his drum set, and...offers to play? Little did Mitchell know that with Lily-sitting, you need an outlet.

Source: SpoilersGuide