Claire Goes Crazy! Julie Bowen Teases City Council Storyline, Part 2

Claire Goes Crazy! Julie Bowen Teases City Council Storyline, Part 2

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Things are sure looking up for the Dunphys. What with Phil's real estate presentation going over so well and Claire's successful new city council endeavor. Oh hey, wait a sec....

Julie Bowen (Claire Dunphy) gave us a little spoiler insight into the continuation of Claire's city council storyline, which may or may not go as planned:

"Claire basically succumbs to a series of nervous tics and freak-outs that, as her children point them out, get worse and worse until finally she's essentially having an epileptic seizure at the podium."

Those Dunphy kids. Can't live with them, can't live without them (no, we really can't live without them. They're too awesome). In fact, they're so awesome that they're starting to get more action than the grown-ups. No, really. Check out more Modern Fam spoilers below:

  • With Ariel Winters' character, Alex coming more into her own this season, Ariel's not shy about saying that Alex will probably be getting a boyfriend (or two) soon:

    "Alex is evolving a bit more, and I think she'll have a few boyfriends. They're trying to show that you can be cool and smart and not be a stereotypical teenage girl. She's a role model.">

  • Alex isn't the only one, Manny (Rico Rodriguez) is said to be getting another love interest soon too. The show is currently casting for a knockout-cute girl to play Manny's crush - a mute crush - in a future episode.

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