Cam-Mitch PDA Episode Is Happening

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August 23, 2010

Although not in response to the huge “gay kiss” controversy, according to show co-creator/executive producer, Steve Levitan (I believe you, Steve!). Apparently they’ve had an idea in the bag for an episode on PDA for a while:

“We’ve had an episode planned for a long time that dealt with that  subject of [Cameron and Mitchell's PDA],” Levitan told us at a cocktail reception for Emmy-nominated producers last night. “So it almost bothers us that there was a little bit of controversy about it. Because we don’t want to appear that we’re answering that criticism. But sure enough, we’re dealing with public displays of affection, and the power of a kiss. Seems simple, but intriguing—I hope.”

An episode dealing specifically with PDA? Bring it on! Any thoughts on Levitan’s move toward more PDA between Cam and Mitch? Let’s hear ‘em in the comments!

Source: E! Online