Andre & Phil Sitting in a Treehouse: More Kevin Hart on Modern Family?

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November 4, 2011

Even though he only got like, a minute of screen time at the end of the episode, Phil’s new “brotha from a different motha”, Andre (played by guest star Kevin Hart) was a big hit with me in this week’s new Modern Family, “Treehouse”.

But will we hope to see Kevin Hart budding it up with Phil in future Modern Family episodes? Luckily, he wasn’t just a big hit with me. Sandra Gonzalez of Entertainment Weekly instantly fell in love with his character too, and has some maybe-scoop for us:

I love Kevin Hart. Is there any chance for more Andre and Phil scenes? Any other scoop?
I LOVED this Wednesday’s episode. Every storyline had me laughing. Thanks. — Reena :-)
As of right now, he is just in one episode. But I’m with you; I could stand to see a LOT more Andre. As I gushed in my recap, the “dude in the tree” and the man with the pooper-scooper are meant to be. Luckily, as an insider points out, “guest stars tend to reappear on this show!”

If Modern Family proves true to form, I highly anticipate seeing the “dude in the tree” and the “man with the pooper-scooper” reunited again soon. Even if it’s to do something other than build Phil Luke a treehouse.

What did you think of Kevin Hart as Andre in this week’s episode?

Source: Entertainment Weekly