Alex Gets A Little Bit Cooler

Alex Gets A Little Bit Cooler

I don't know about you guys, but I thought it was totally awesome to see goody-two-shoes Alex go a little baddy-two-shoes, with the help of sis Haley of course (I'm that self-proclaimed "good girl" too, can you tell?). Now it seems Ariel Winters' character, Alex will be taking even more of a chill pill next season, the way Winters tells it:

"Next season I think that Alex will become a little bit cooler—like maybe Alex getting into a little bit more mischievous stuff...[but] Alex will always be smart. Always, she will never not be smart."

Ah, so we'll be getting an evil genius...! Maybe Haley's schemes will have a little more substance to them later on (and maybe the three Dunphy kids will band together - loved that Mother's Day camaraderie). Speaking of camaraderie...:

  • Phil picks up a new shopping buddy other than Jay - Gloria! You can probably imagine the insanity and hilarity to ensue here (and some awesome one-liners, I hear).
  • Somebody's getting Botox (play the guessing game in the comments?) - but it's not a family member you'd normally expect to go all Narcissus on us (and it's been confirmed it's not Gloria, I know your mind went there).
  • Guess who's getting a birthday surprise in the second-to-last episode of the season...? The Jay-man, and of course it's going to be something elaborate put together by the Fire-and-Nice dream team, Claire and Mitchell. Something elaborate as in..."a sailor’s outfit, a rainbow T-shirt, a bottle of merlot, and one angry dog". Let your imaginations run wild.
  • And what's this about a chance of a new cast member joining the Family ranks? I must have missed the news the first time around, but that is the latest. While he or she won't be revealed to us yet (of course), it has been said that it's not a family member that's been on the show previously - and it's being hinted that we'll love the new addition.

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