A Peek at Cameron's Modern Mama

A Peek at Cameron's Modern Mama

With a first Emmy win and Celia Weston as his Modern Family mom, Barb, how can Eric Stonestreet not be as psyched as we are about Cameron and his upcoming storyline?

"She's somebody who made him the person he is. When she comes to the door, she gives me her little puppy kisses. And we find out she called him her 'Little Bomber,' which was actually what my [real-life] grandma called me as a little kid — I think because I was a little gassy."

And he's not the only one with some dish on Cameron's mama - Celia Weston has some of her own.

"[She] is totally accepting and loving of Cameron and Mitchell [Jesse Tyler Ferguson]. Maybe a little too loving."

So how much loving is "too" much loving? Maybe these snippets of the upcoming "mama" episode will give you an idea, when Barb:

  • Brings Cam's old yearbook with her (bet Mitchell will love that one)
  • Thanks him for a gift certificate he's given her (aw...)

Source: TV Guide