Mistresses Spoilers: What’s Next For Savi After The One-Night-Stand? Alyssa Milano Weighs-In!

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June 6, 2013

mistresses-4-819x1024This week, ABC’s Mistresses premiered hot, juicy and definitely raunchy. If you loved the pilot, I bet you can’t wait ’til next week — especially after that one-night-stand Savi (Alyssa Milano) has gotten herself into.

Why do people find the wrong things always irresistible anyway? This show is definitely for grown-ups. So heads up, parents!

Okay, so where were we? Adulterous, one night hook-ups right. What could be the ramifications of Savi’s actions? Will she get over her guilt? Does being married to a guy who has weak sperms give you a free pass to sleep with your salacious co-worker?

Find out what’s ahead on next Monday’s episode of the new ABC soap:

  • Next episode finds Milano’s guilt-ridden character Savi – who ended the series premiere in the midst of a scorching tryst with coworker Dominic — making a heartbreaking confession to her hubby. Before you go jumping to conclusions, however, please bear in mind that the contents of said confession might not be what you’re expecting. (See how Savi being besties with a psychiatrist can yield dividends!)
  • She won’t be keen on continuing the fling. Unfortunately, her one-night stand will have unforeseen consequences that are even worse than the possibility of her husband finding out.

BONUS SCOOP | What does Savi’s portrayer thinks? Alyssa Milano weighs-in! 

“There’s nothing that she enjoys about it. It becomes darker and darker by the episode for her.”

Source: TV Guide, TV Line

‘Mistresses’ airs every Monday on ABC.