Mistresses Spoilers: April's Baby-Mama Issue Isn't Going Away! Scoop on Savi/April Upcoming Truce and MORE!

mistresses-episode-1-02-the-morning-after-promotional-photos-4_595_slogoMistresses is becoming a new addiction. Atleast in my case it is.

This week's episode "The Morning After" flared up flames on April's dead hubby and surprise baby issues. Savi still hasn't confronted her husband about her infidelity, Karen flipped out on weirdo kid, Sam Grey. And on Josslyn's block, she hung out with her lesbian client and discovered a fifty-shades-of-grey sex toy.

TV Line dished the upcoming events fellow-Mistresses fans should expect on next Monday's installment. Get the latest spoilers below!

Karen's colleague Jacob played by Rizzole & Isles' Matthew Del Negro is returning next week!

Jacob returns next week to party with three of our four central ladies. And would it shock you to hear that after a cocktail or two, he winds up uttering the line, “Let’s spend the night together”?


The bad news: That baby-mama drama involving April’s late hubby isn’t going away, and her potential romance with hot dad Richard is about to hit another snag.

The good news: When life hands you lemons, sometimes you need to get together with your BFF and make a batch of very strong lemon drops (or, OK, if it’s getting too close to bedtime, a nice pot of tea with fresh lemon). In other words, expect an April-Savi truce before the credits roll on Episode 3.

Check out the promo for next Monday's episode "Breaking and Entering" (June17th/ABC):

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