Mistresses Season 2 Spoilers: Get To Know These 3 New Characters

Mistresses Season 2 Spoilers: Get To Know These 3 New Characters

JES MACALLAN, YUNJIN KIM, ALYSSA MILANOABC's frothy drama, Mistresses is set to return in our small screens this summer with some new developments plotted for its characters.

Thanks to show's executive producer, Rina Mimoun, we were able to get some early intel on the forthcoming second season. Mimoun shared via TV Line that the one-hour drama will be introducing three new characters that will be involved among the major characters.

Keep reading for the details:

DANIEL | Mimoun says this “sexy, smoldering artist” will get April to “open up…in more ways than one.” (Oh snap!) But the virtuous home-furnishings goddess will be faced with tough decisions when Daniel “turns out to be not who she thought,” leading to the realization that “she may be more sinner than saint, after all.”

SCOTT | Brace yourselves for “The Nicest Guy Ever,” says the showrunner, who jokes that “we’ve been referring to him as Scott Wolf/Foley in the writers’ room.” But don’t get it twisted: Vanilla is apparently the new kinky, or so Joss will discover as she gets to know Scott better — leading her to teeter on the precipice of falling in love for the very first time. “This begs the question,” continues Mimoun, “how will she screw it up?”

MIA | Amazingly, it looks like Karen’s license to practice psychiatry will remain in tact despite sleeping with a dying patient, then bedding his mourning son, then getting into a physical altercation/shootout with his insane lush of a widow. Back in Dr. Kim’s minimalist office, we’ll meet Mia, “a new patient whose sexually deviant behavior gets our hot mess of a therapist into a whole new mess of problems,” Mimoun promises. “If you thought Karen had issues in Season 1, strap in…”