'Mistresses' Roundup Spoilers: A Fake Death; Savi Is Torn and Karen Is Surprised by Sam


An all new episode of Mistresses airs tomorrow (Monday/10pm) on ABC with the episode "Ultimatum".

To whet your appetite, we've compiled every spoiler bit you need to know! Make sure that you read, browse and watch them, enjoy!

Episode Guide:

  • Savi wants to fight for her relationship with Harry, even if the baby is Dom's.
  • April is still reeling from the revelation that her supposedly dead husband, Paul, is actually alive.
  • Karen is surprised when Sam hires her business partner as his therapist and seeks out his mother, Elizabeth, to express her concern.
  • And after an uncomfortable run-in with Alex's ex, Joss wants to redefine her relationship with Alex.

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