The Michael J. Fox Show Spoilers: Series Focuses More on the "Wackiness" of Family

The Michael J. Fox Show Spoilers: Series Focuses More on the "Wackiness" of Family

The Michael J. Fox Show - Season Pilot

"The Michael J. Fox show is about a man living with Parkinson's who comes out of retirement to return to his job as a newsman. But though he lives with a condition, the series promises to focus more on the wackiness of his family and work life."

Michael J. Fox's new show this fall - appropriately titled, The Michael J. Fox Show - promises to portray the actor's life in a fictitious, comical way. But while some might be thinking that the choice to also portray Fox's Parkinson's condition could make the series a little heavy, Fox assured at his show's TCA panel (Television Critics Association Press Day) that comedy is still going to be the focus.

"There is nothing horrific in it for me. On the surface there is nothing horrible with someone who has shaky hands and saying 'man, I am tired of having shaky hands.'...There wasn't a lot of strategy behind the show, we just found a story we wanted to tell and told it."

The cast and crew on the panel also had some tidbits to share about the show, check 'em out below:

  • Does Michael J. Fox's relationship with his kids on the show mirror his relationship with his real kids? "The names have been changed to protect the innocent," [but] "There's a germ of our relationship that I've taken and run with it. They're cool with it."
  • Recurring Characters: "Anne Heche will appear on the show as Mike's nemesis. Her story is that there was a disputed incident that happened 20 years ago in the Everglades and she may or may not have used Mike to forward her career."
  • Guest Stars! "Fox's [real-life] wife Tracy Pollan will appear in a guest spot in an episode during the first season."
  • Why news anchor instead of actor? (Or athlete?) "Actor would be boring and athlete would be impossible."

Will you be excited to see Michael J. Fox on his own series this fall?

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