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Merlin Season 5 Episode 2 “Arthur’s Bane Part 2" 2 Promos

Have a look at the two promos and synapsi for Merlin, season 5 episode 2 “Arthur’s Bane Part 2", airing Saturday, October 13th.

Ancient prophecies of Mordred weigh heavy on Merlin, for not even he can sway Arthur from his chosen path. As dawn breaks across the icy tundra, Merlin and Arthur are close to exhaustion. With each tortured step, the fortress of Ismere looms ever nearer and Merlin's fear intensifies. What game is Mordred playing? And what powerful secrets are Morgana and the druid Ruadan searching for amongst its twisted catacombs? It seems like this time, not even Merlin can stop Arthur from walking right into the lion's den… For in this bleak and transient wilderness, only one thing is certain: the great trial for Albion has finally begun.