Melrose Place Spoilers: What's coming up for Violent and Auggie!

Last we heard, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's character, Violet, and Colin Egglesfield's character, Auggie, are leaving the show. The details of their departure haven't been released yet.. BUT, here are some spoilers on what shenanigans we can expect from these two before they go their merry way away from Melrose Place!

On the upcoming almost-nekkid sex scene between Violet and Auggie...

Colin Egglesfield describes the scene as pretty gratuitous: ""It involves us both wearing half-loin cloths that they had to tape to us. There are very few clothes involved in the near future."

E! Online reveals that there's not just one, but two, hot and steamy scenes between these two in the next few episodes.

On what's coming up for Auggie before his departure...

From the sounds of it, things will get really bad, "pretty violent and kind of crazy" for Auggie. He starts drinking again, which causes him to " [falls] off the deep end a little bit."

Egglesfield hints that his character and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz's Violet will not be riding off into the sunset together when it comes time for their simultaneous exit.

Source: Watch with Kristin