Melrose Place Spoilers: Updates on upcoming storylines!

Kristin dos Santos posted a couple of spoilers updating us Melrose fans on what's coming up in the upcoming episodes!

Monica in New York: Any scoop on Melrose Place? What about Nick Zano? Will Heather Locklear become a regular? Is Laura Leighton off the show now that she has a new pilot?
So many questions! And I have answers: I'm told that if Melrose gets a second season, the CW will definitely ask Heather Locklear to be a regular. She's in all but one of the remaining epsidoes. As for Laura Leighton getting cast in a pilot (Pretty Little Liars for ABC), that won't affect the CW's plan to have her stay on board for a flashback storyline with Heather on Melrose. And as for Nick Zano, a source says he has his eyes on Riley and Lauren—and a mystery of his own!

Trudy in Long Island. N.Y.: Are Lauren and David ever going to do it on Melrose Place? And will he find out that she's a hooker?
Yes, and yes! I'm told everyone will find out.

I wonder if the fact that Nick Zano's character will be making eyes at Riley means that Riley and Jonah will have broken up by the time he moves into the apartment complex. Looks like we'll just have to tune in to find out!

Source: Watch with Kristin