Melrose Place Spoilers: Tons of drama coming up!

Kristin dos Santos posted a couple of spoilers on what to expect for the upcoming episodes of Melrose Place!

Don't forget to tune in tonight for the new episode: June!

Marc in Cincinnati: Anything good coming up on Melrose Place?
Original Melrose fans, can I get a whoo whoo!? Badass Michael Mancini is back this week and stooping oh-so-low to prevent David from turning over the bloody evidence found in his car, and unfortunately, Lauren is on receiving end of the blow.

Alicia in Memphis, Tenn.: What's to come on Melrose Place?
Oh noes! Someone else is going to be directing the feature version of Jonah's movie. Bummer. Perhaps Jenna Dewan's bespectacled D-girl can return and save the day? We liked that broad.

Source: Watch with Kristin