Melrose Place Spoilers: Shaun Sipos interview!

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December 1, 2009

Shaun Sipos lets out some spoilers on what upcoming storylines we can expect for his character, David, and the other characters in the show!

On whether David will find out about Lauren’s second job…

“I imagine that he would, yeah… You’ll see that on Tuesday,” Sipos said.

On whether David really stops stealing like he promised Lauren…

Yeah, at the moment [he keeps his promise]. A girl does catch me stealing and it is one last heist that David has decided to take upon his shoulders. She blackmails him to spend time with her. Her dad is a very bad man,” Sipos spills.

On what kind of relationship exists between Amanda and David…

Sipos explains that Amanda seems to think that David now has something of value to her that the late Sydney used to have in her possession.

Whether or not their relationship turns into something more, Sipos says, “It is Melrose Place and she may like him, she may have a thing for him. David has been known to go with the older girls.”

On how the storylines will change throughout the end of the season…

Sipos explains that the murder mystery will finally be solved which means that there’ll be less flashbacks, making it easier for the show to move forward. Sipos mentions that the show “will lighten up a little bit.” We’ll see more of David’s relationship with Lauren and younger brother Noah. We can also expect Jonah and Riley’s relationship to change. But all in all, Sipos says, “it will be a little bit less dark.”

Source: TV Guide