Melrose Place Spoilers: Nick Zano cast (possibly) as Lauren’s boyfriend

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October 27, 2009

Remember when we got that spoiler that Lauren’s going to get a boyfriend sometime this season? Well from the sounds of it, we’ll soon have a face and name to put with the label!

nickzanoNick Zano, currently cast as Courtney Cox’s boy-toy on Cougar Town, is said to be in talks with the CW to join the cast of Melrose Place as a new addition to the rapidly emptying apartment complex (with Auggie and Violet leaving) and as Lauren’s boyfriend.

This new cast addition will also be a doctor — one who will be working with Lauren and Michael at Wilshire Memorial. He’s described to be a bit more carefree and one who’ll end up “ligtening up Lauren.”

And Ausiello mentions:

“Zano’s Melrose gig wouldn’t interfere with his Cougar Town commitment since he recently shot his final episode of the ABC comedy.”

Source: Ausiello Files

Source (picture): ABC