Melrose Place Spoilers: Murder mystery solved and Jonah-Riley rough patch

E! Online posted a few spoilers on what's coming up for Riley, Jonah, and the whodunit Sydney murder mystery!

Jess in Cortland, N.Y.: Now that the big Melrose Place murder mystery is kind of ruined, can you tell us anything about Heather Locklear's return to the show?
Heather is back on Melrose for the long haul, and her storyline is juicy. Plus, Sydney is sticking around! Jessica Lucas (Riley) tells us that after the not-so-big murder reveal, the show shifts to lots of Amanda Woodward and whatever it is she's hiding. "The back nine will be focusing on Heather. There is some kind of mystery there between her and Sydney, so Laura Leighton may be staying on in some form," says Jessica. As for the spoiled send-off, don't be too upset. Melrose's resident teacher says the reveal is still pretty amazing. "Episode 12 is the whole wrap of the murder mystery, so something really shocking happens in the pool. It ties in with the murder mystery, but it's something completely unexpected."

Trina in Houston: What about Jonah and Riley? With Colin Egglesfield leaving Melrose Place, will this couple make it?
Jessica Lucas tells us she isn't really sure: "The next couple of episodes are dealing with Riley and Jonah deciding whether or not they want to stay together and do they have enough of a strong foundation." And Jenna Dewan's feisty Kendra isn't making things any easier. "Kendra's another example of someone who really knows what she's talking about, and he has a strong connection to her, so she plays into their rough patch."

Jenna in Petaluma, Calif.: I can't believe they're getting rid of Auggie on Melrose Place! They should have gotten rid of stupid Jonah instead—he doesn't do anything, and he's a big loser!
Jonah (Michael Rady) is actually going to be doing well quite soon on Melrose Place. His movie is going into production, and Ella (Katie Cassidy) is even working to get a fictional version of Seth Rogen to take the lead role.

Source: E! Online