Melrose Place Spoilers: More on Amanda's return and David's new girlfriend!

Here are some spoilers from Kristin dos Santos on what's coming up for Amanda and David on the next few episodes!

Marshall in Atlanta: Is Heather Locklear any good on Melrose?
I'm hearing yes. And a source tells me she's in every single remaining episode of the first season, except for one, so she just might breathe some new life into the series. It could happen, right? Heather starts tomorrow night. Oh, and more scoop: I'm told she's moving back into Melrose Place, but there is a reason behind it, and it has to do with Sydney. Guesses? Anyone else hoping Amanda will end up getting in a hair-pulling fight with that other redhead on the show?

Naomi in Williamstown, Mass.: Scoop me a little something on Melrose Place. I'm really into it!
David and Lauren are definitely off again, despite their little kiss last week. David's going to be dating someone else and even meeting his new girlfriend's family.