Melrose Place Spoilers: More about Nick Zano's character!

We've been hearing tons of spoilers about Nick Zano joining the Melrose Place cast as Drew Pragin, a doctor and potential love interest for our Melrose Place resident lady-of-the-night Lauren but really, we don't know much about him or how he gets along with the rest of the Melrose Place residents. Well here are more spoilers to help you guys get a better feel about this new guy!

Phil in Nevada: What's happening when Melrose Place returns?
Colin Egglesfield
and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz only have one episode left, then Nick Zano joins the cast to stir things up. At the GBK Golden Globes gift lounge, Michael Rady told us he's looking forward to the newbie. "We're pals, and then..." he teased about Jonah and Nick's character before stopping himself. "I don't want to get in trouble, but the murder mystery is out, and that gets filled in with original Melrose, L.A. fun." That said, insiders tell me that unlike 90210, which is trending toward the new kids, Melrose will be splitting its attention between the youngsters and the old guard likes of Amanda, Michael Mancini and dead Sydney.

Deepak in Sacramento: I have had a crush on Nick Zano ever since he was first on What I Like About You with Amanda Bynes. What can you tell us about his upcoming appearances on Melrose Place?
Zano plays a hot funny doctor on Melrose Place who develops a relationship with Riley (Jessica Lucas). Oh, and I hear that he has a connection to Michael Mancini himself—and no, it's not that he's not another one of Michael's many sons.

Anyone have any guesses on how he could be linked to Michael Mancini?