Melrose Place Spoilers: Cast shake-up - two characters are leaving!

Melrose Place Spoilers: Cast shake-up - two characters are leaving!

Looks like we can say goodbye to Ashlee Simpson's Violet and Colin Egglesfield's Auggie.

In Ausiello's exclusive interview with the show's producer Todd Slavkin, he explains that the decision to let Ashlee Simpson go was always part of the plan.MELROSE PLACE

"Well, we always knew that this murder mystery would end in episode 12. And we always knew that [Ashlee's] character of Violet would be instrumental in that as a suspect, and [Colin's character of] Augie as well. And once that murder mystery was solved, she would go on her way."

As for why Colin Egglesfield had to go as well...

"Colin was always meant to be the ultimate suspect. And his brooding alcoholic [character] tonally didn’t fit the paradigm moving into post-murder mystery Melrose Place."

Changes we can expect now that we know who killed Sydney...

"... the tone of the show was going to shift into a much more fun, romantic, sexy upbeat kind of show," Slavin explained. "Now that the characters are no longer suspects, they can have a great time, they can focus on their careers, they can get into bed with each other without having this ominous cloud hanging over the building," Slavin said.

heatherOn the fate of the original Melrose Place characters...

"Thomas is very much a part of the fabric of this show. Many storylines are ahead for him. You’ll get to see him interact with his old friend Amanda Woodward as well as all the characters on our show. With Laura, we would never close the door officially... [we would] love to have her be involved in the future, but there is no plan at the moment," Slavin said.

On the two new characters set to join the cast...

"There’s a doctor, a new resident at the hospital who is irreverent and funny and will mix it up and move into the building. He will be a roommate of one of the characters and interact with Lauren. He’s a guy that, even though he’s a doctor, he doesn’t take life very seriously... he ends up lightening up Lauren."

"We have [Heather Locklear's] new love interest played by Billy Campbell. He has a three-episode arc. He plays basically a billionaire version of Jonah. He’s the equivalent of a Mark Cuban. Again, a lot of fun, funny, irreverent, and is someone who can actually make Amanda Woodward smile."

We will see the last of Violet and Auggie in January. Anyone else totally taken aback by this cast shake-up?!

Source (pictures): The CW