Melrose Place Spoilers: Another death And A New Love

E! Online and EW's Ausiello tell us that there may be, yet again, another death on the horizons for our Melrose Place residents and a boyfriend for our resident doctor-turned-lady of the night...

Spoilers below:

Question: Rumor has it someone’s dying on Melrose Place. Who is it?! —Shane
It’s not a major character, so relax. If you want to discuss a major upcoming death, ask me who’s going to bite it on Vampire Diaries.

Marcelus: Any scoop on Melrose?
Someone's gonna die! It's a big character and a big death. So big that I can't even tell you male or female or how or when or why. Well, I guess I can say that it'll happen—wait for it—sometime this season! I know, I know. I am nothing if not a giver of the most intricate details! This death is tied to a bigger storyline as well, so I'm under lock and key on this one so I don't ruin the whole season. Are you guys digging Melrose, BTW? So far it has exceeded my expectations.

Daniella in Las Vegas: Anything juicy on Melrose? I love watching it on the weekends with my mom!
Melrose Place
's morally mixed-up Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen) might be getting a boyfriend. Producers are looking to cast a hot young resident named Gavin who meets Lauren at the hospital. Gavin's going to start as a guest star, but he might become a series regular, which leads us to suspect that he falls in love with Lauren, a situation that would no doubt complicate her hooker gig enormously.