Melrose Place Spoilers: Interview with Jessica Lucas

Melrose Place Spoilers: Interview with Jessica Lucas


Looks like there are tough times ahead for Melrose Place's token couple: Riley and Jonah.

TV Guide posts an interview with Jessica Lucas where she filled us in with some Melrose Place spoilers.

On whether or not Riley and Jonah will break up...

"Well, I mean, they are kind of headed down that path. He finds out about the whole Auggie thing. He meets someone else. It's a rocky road for them. I mean, they really do try to work through it, but I really don't know how long that's going to be able to go on."

On Riley's future as a model...

"I mean, she does go back to being a schoolteacher." Jessica said. "She gets pushed to her limits, and she's not so happy. Jo is very hard on her."

Although Jessica Lucas does say there might be a change of career for Riley after all: "[Also coming up is] the launch of an ad campaign, and I have to deal with being the center of attention again."

On the palpable chemistry between Auggie and Riley..

"There are more story lines with her and Auggie; she still feels a very strong pull toward him."

Sounds like there are definitely lots of hurdles for Riley and Jonah in the future, starting with this Tuesday's episode when Jonah finds out about the Riley-Auggie kiss. Tune in tomorrow to see how he reacts and how Riley fares as a model!