Season 1 Episode 18 episode 18

Melrose Place Episode 18 "Motor": Casting Calls!

Here are some spoilers on who we can expect to appear during the 18th episode in addition to our regular Melrose Place gang!

[TESS] 25.. a cute former college classmate of 'Jonah' (Michael Rady) & 'Riley' (Jessica Lucas) who they see at a NYU reunion party. 1 day guest star $1200 / day

[HOSPITAL SECURITY] Male, early 30's, a handsome hospital security guard who catches 'Drew' (Nick Zano) with something suspicious in his hospital locker. LARGE SCALE CO-STAR. ETHNIC ACTORS ONLY PLEASE

[MIRA] Mid 20s, BIRACIAL, the lead actress in 'Jonah's' film "Living in Reverse" who's character is based on 'Riley' (Jessica Lucas). Should resemble Jessica Lucas somewhat. SCALE CO-STAR.

[AGENT] Male, early 30's, a handsome, intimidating FBI agent. SCALE CO-STAR ROLE.

Sounds like we'll be seeing more of Jonah's film, "Living in Reverse." Anyone else excited to see how it turns out?

Source: SpoilerTV