Melrose Place: Ella-Amanda throwdown and Ella-Jonah hookup

Kristin from E! Online spills about how Ella and Amanda will get along and the possibility of an Ella-Jonah hook-up!

Etta in Denver: Hey, you told us you'd spill about what happens between Ella and Amanda on Melrose Place, so spill!
Amanda tests Ella's loyalty to see if the younger publicist is really the girl she presents herself to be, but Ella ultimately becomes Amanda's protégé.

Danielle in Woodland, Calif.: I'm really, really loving Melrose Place! I'm quite fond of Jonah and Ella. Any possibilities of the two of them actually getting together? Ella deserves the man she loves.
Chances for a Jonah-Ella hookup are looking slim-to-none right now, but Katie Cassidy recently told us, "I think Ella is a good person deep down, but if something had happened where Riley (Jessica Lucas) had never been in the picture, I'm sure if Jonah (Michael Rady) was down with it, Ella would be OK with them getting together." Basically, you're going to have to kill Riley to get Ella in bed with Jonah. In other Ella news, Katie tells us that episodes 10 and 11 focus on Ella's backstory and what made her the dynamic diva that we know and love today.

Source: Watch with Kristin