Melrose Place Spoilers: Interview With Katie Cassidy

Melrose Place Spoilers: Interview With Katie Cassidy

kcassidyMelrose Place is about to get wild. Not only is Heather Locklear in the house and causing Amanda Woodward’s usual brand of havoc, but there’s a major character death coming!

Kristin from E! talked with Katie Cassidy and she filled us with some great Melrose Place spoilers:

Is Ella the one who gets whacked?

“I can’t tell you!” says Katie, “But I think everyone’s going to be surprised. [The death] is a shocker, but at the same time, it’s really good.”

Look for the character death to reflect everything we’ve learned about the new Melrose Place peeps so far, and for it to be the turning point of the season so far!

Heather Locklear returns to the series on Nov. 17, and we hear that Amanda Woodward and Katie’s Ella Sims have some choice scenes together:,

“Heather is amazing. I’ve had so much fun working with her. She’s a really cool chick and it’s been really great to work with her. I’m happy she came on the show.”

So are Ella and Amanda friends or foes?

“I think Ella looks up to Amanda and ultimately wants to be her, but she isn’t—Ella’s her own character, Ella’s different. That said, with Amanda being the boss of the whole company, Ella would like to be in her shoes at some point.”

Meanwhile, insiders dish that the drama is juicy: Amanda’s first act upon returning to Melrose is to fire Ella’s boss, Caleb, on the spot, so naturally Ella is practically peeing herself whenever she’s forced to be in Amanda’s presence. As Katie says:

“The fans can expect to see a lot of different dynamics to their relationship, but it’s mostly like a boss-employee relationship.”

Katie spills

“Everyone’s secrets will come out! I can’t say much now, but everyone’s secret is eventually revealed.”