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Melrose Place Episode 16 "Santa Fe": FOUR original members back!

Melrose Place Episode 16 "Santa Fe": FOUR original members back!

For those old school Melrose Place fans, the CW has got a treat for you! Four original Melrose Place cast members will be making appearances during the 16th episode, "Santa Fe"! Check out the deets on this sure-to-be drama-filled episode!

Pictured: Daphne Zuniga (as Jo Reynolds), Heather Locklear (as Amanda Woodward), Thomas Calabro (as Dr. Michael Mancini) and Josie Bissett (as Jane Andrews)

What's going on during the 16th episode?

Jonah throws a party at the good ole Melrose Place apartment complex after his screenplay was picked up. Weirdly enough, none of these four original cast members were invited to the party.

So how do these four cast members end up at the party?

These four end up there because of their own hidden agendas.

As E! Online's CW source tells them, "Michael Mancini is there threatening to out Lauren, Jane is there to find out why Amanda hasn't fired Ella yet and Jo has found out Amanda is up to no good again and confronts her. But they do have fun reuniting and Michael realizes he may have made a mistake letting Jane go."

On whether all four will actually share a scene together...

They will! In fact, Thomas Calabro, the actor who plays the famous Dr. Michael Mancini, divulges that there is one scene that "involves at least two girls I slept with and one I didn't...Actually there's a thread between me and one of those characters that goes through the entire show. It's not just a scene." Yikes, awkward much?

On what else is coming up for the original cast members...

With Michael Mancini and Amanda Woodward, you can definitely expect some drama! Calabro says that, "Every scene is never just about what the scene is about—there's always something else going on with these two. They are kindred spirits, and in some ways you get the sense that they are going to end up together at some point."

Source: E! Online